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Pizza as Art

My model represents three slices of pizza. It is my favourite meal. Lego is my favourite way to express my creativity. It was only a question of time to create Pizza Moc. This model can be placed on the wall and it can serve as framed art.

The reason why I created this model was my desire to make a model of my and many peoples favourite food. I love pizza with cheese, but I also like spicy pizza. Sometimes I find it hard to decide what pizza I should order. Quatro Formaggi is the cheese party, Diabola is the spicy party. Sometimes I just take Margerita, because I want to enjoy tomatoes. I love a lot of garlic on pizza.
One thing that I find really interesting about pizza compared to any other meal is the display of all ingredients on a 2d circular canvas. As if pizza itself was painted, showing you all the good and tasty things that you can enjoy. Pizza is a perfect meal if you want to share it with friends, you can slice it and enjoy it together. My MOC is showing three pizza slices showing the variety of elements that make a good pizza. You can see some salami, you can see shrimps, you may spot champinoni and olives (black and green). Just writing this text makes me feel like I want to grab some pizza. If you are like me, you can support this Moc and have this phenomenal meal displayed on your wall. Loving pizza is a way of life as well as loving LEGO, so imagine you can have both things at your place, reminding you how much you enjoy your moment with pizza. For this model I have decited for combination of studs and bricks.

I believe that this could be a great LEGO set because it is a pure display of meal that many people across the world like and because many people like colorful framed art on their walls. I am convinced that many people would buy this set because it reminds of the little joys from our lives and because LEGO has a great parts that can represent various pizza ingredients.

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