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I Love Lucy


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I Love Lucy first aired on October 15, 1951. To this day, it is enjoyed by millions across the world, and is estimated that I Love Lucy is always playing somewhere in the world at any given time. 
This classic sitcom has always been a big part of my life. Having a mom who is an avid Lucy fan, I have been watching the show for as long as I can remember. I have seen the entire series at least ten times in my 16 years of life. I am also a huge Lego fan, so I decided to make it come to life with Lego bricks!
I decided to base my build on the Ricardo’s apartment from seasons 3-6. It includes the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The minifigures are Lucy, Ricky, Little Ricky, and their best friends: Fred and Ethel Mertz. 
I spent a lot of time going back and watching the special colorized episodes so I could fully capture as many details and true colors as possible. I wanted to recreate iconic moments from famous episodes, such as the enormous loaf of bread from “Pioneer Women”, The Vitameatavegamin stand from "Lucy does a TV Commercial", and the chocolate factory scene from "Job Switching". I also added some accessories from some other episodes you might recognize: Lucy's saxophone, the "trick" handcuffs, a beard for Lucy, and the bonus buck (ripped in half). Some other details include the working kitchen cupboards and drawers, the clock above the mantle, the piano, and even an alternate suit for Ricky in the closet.
 This took me four months to complete, with several updates on the way, so make sure to support and tell your friends!

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