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Hollow Knight: The Forgotten Crossroads

This is a set based on the video game Hollow Knight by Team Cherry. The set is based on The Forgotten Crossroads which is a primary location from the game. The Forgotten Crossroads is basically the first real location in Hollow Knight not including the Town of Dirtmouth and the tutorial area. In Hollow Knight you play as a bug known simply as The Knight and you must traverse the ruined kingdom of Hallownest to stop this strange orange goop like substance known as "The Infection" from taking over whats left of the kingdom. This set includes The Knight, The Shade of The Knight, Hornet, Quirrel, The Hollow Knight, Troupe Master Grimm, The Grimmchild, a Tiktik enemy, and two Wandering Husks. The set also comes with translucent orange pieces so you can transform the Forgotten Crossroads into the Infected crossroads just like how they do in the game after you reach a certain part of the story.

I built thus set because I love Hollow Knight and I really want to see a LEGO set based on the game. I feel like The Forgotten Crossroads are perfect for a LEGO set since they are so iconic to many Hollow Knight fans and they have great potential for play-features that I may not have even thought of. I chose to include The Hollow Knight and Grimm as they are found near or in the Forgotten Crossroads and they are both iconic bosses from the game. I also included Hornet and Quirrel as Quirrel is first met in the Forgotten Crossroads and Hornet is essential to the story and is even going to be the protaganist of the upcoming game Hollow Knight Silksong.

I think this would be a great set for kids, collectors, and fans of Hollow Knight. It has play-features, display capabilities, great builds, and fantastic minifigures. I know many people want to see a LEGO Hollow Knight set and I feel like this set has the potential to fullfil those wishes. Plus the 5th anniversary of Hollow Knight was a couple of months ago so there is no better time than now to get an official Hollow Knight LEGO set.

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