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Gumball Machine

A Classic Gumball Machine made in Lego!

This working classic style gumball machine is a my first ever Lego Idea submission. This has to be my favorite piece I have ever made. This machine has a piece count of 1782 and has a diameter of 20 studs. It includes many features and accessories such as:

-A working coin mechanism
-A locking coin bank
-A removable lid for refilling
-can use certain candies
-5 coins
-250 gumballs
-A key
-Can easily be a dispenser
I made this gumball machine because I watched some old Youtube videos of mine. I use to make videos about my own candy machines. I decided after a few years of not making candy machine I should make another one but this time with a little more inspiration.

This machine was inspired by my grandparents gumball machine they had when I younger. It was a red small old style machine that accepted any coin. Gumballs machine bring back memories from when I and many others when we younger. This is why it would be a great Lego set. It's decent size and it's working mechanism is a very a big draw for people of any age.

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