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Honda RA272 Classic Formula 1 Team

Honda has always been a leading automotive manufacturer in terms of technology and innovation. Their pioneering spirit spread into various mechanical fields, including motor sports.

In 1965, the Honda RA272 set a historic landmark by being the first Japanese machine to win a Formula 1 Grand Prix. It was only the beginning of a fantastic success story.

This LEGO set is a tribute to Honda's glorious motor sports history at the top of open-wheel racing. It features the RA272 with its double exhaust pipes, V12 engine and the iconic red sun on the front nose.

This is an improved version of my initial design. With a stiffer front suspension architecture and a more aerodynamic curved floor panel, this new RA272 is faster and more robust in the hand of the driver (and yours!).

A Honda Lego crew has been sent from Japan with tools and spares to supervise the transition between the two models. A race engineer and two mechanics are working hard on the side of the racetrack, just like in the old times! The V12 engine has been separated from the old chassis and rear suspension arms are ready to be bolted on again.

When the drivers passes in front of the Honda garage, the team signals him with position and laptimes on the board.

This set contains:
  • four minifigures (driver with helmet, race engineer, two mechanics with caps)
  • a complete new version of the Honda RA272
  • a RA272 in pieces (cockpit and front end separated from the engine, rear suspensions and tires)
  • a spanner, a red sack truck, a blue jack
  • board with numbers (for signalling position and laptimes)
  • portion of straight line
  • covered Honda garage with speaker and flag
  • four fences

The set is designed and built with parts bought from the LEGO store and taken from my own collection. The color scheme is achieved with different color bricks only, without any decals.

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