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This modular building is made up of 2971 bricks.

Starting from left, it has a nice garage, the lift is attached with it on the back side. Then comes the revolving door with glass, it will be also good playing with it. On the other side there are two small plants, included to increase the show. Hospital is written on the upper side and attached with a cable, so to see the inner things you have to detach it. There are many things to see in the interior of the building. There is a reception on the starting, there is also a waiting area including two sofas, paper shelf and water table.

On the first floor there is a chemist shop, you will see it better in photos.

On the top floor there is the doctor's cabin with some good instruments and three patient rooms also with some facilities. 

The lift is attached with a string,  you can control the lift with the crane block on the top. You can also see it by the glass located on the wall at the back side of the building.

To go on the roof there is a ladder instead of lift. The sky light is there above the doctor's room.

The set includes 8 mini figures and an ambulance.

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