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Microscale Snack Bar


This microscale snack bar conists of 107 pieces. It is placed on a square 8x8 stud plate. Around the little building are also tiny details, like seats, litter bins, a trash bin, a vending machine and a red promotional sign for the mainly red snack bar. There is also a visible red window shutter and a green stud on the bar, which could be some food. 

This building came to my mind as I was experimenting with really tiny lego pieces. As a result of this I was trying to build a microscale city. Therefore, this snack bar could be a part of a series of similar little buildings. Due to the small amount of needed lego pieces for just one building, it should be possible to make a whole product series (maybe a collectable mini series) and sell each of them for little money.

Please support and comment my project if you like it! And let my know what you think about it! Any ideas or suggestions are welcome

Thank you!

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