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Funny Webcam Covers to Brighten your Work Day

Teleworking from your home? Make your workspace more lively and more private with these little Lego pals to cover your webcam!

This little family of five different webcam covers designs will make for a great atmosphere at your desk while you have to do your work from home. Teleworking is now so much more needed than ever before. With these little pals your days at your computer become more creative: They are watching you closely with their different eyes and you are reminded to take things seriously but not overly serious. They also protect you from being watched through your webcam when you don't want to. 

These little webcam covers easily sit on your laptop screen webcam and protect your privacy. They also fit on webcams of other devices. Adding a plate will make them fit on thicker laptop screens too. You can change the eyes or add tiles. Just like in the new Lego Dots Series you can style them to your personal taste. 

Why did I build this? I needed some cute company!
Actually I had to move my office to my home and I do everything now over video chats with my colleagues. I noticed that the webcam is almost always on and I wondered if this is secure. This is how it all started. With these cute pals on my screen in front of me, I feel less alone and it makes these times alone at home much more comfortable.

This mini set for your workspace contains 56 bricks and five different cover models:

Cover Duck
Do not Enter Worksite
Gone for Sweets
Geek Station
Sweat Dreams

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