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SpongeBob: The Yellow Avenger

This set is inspired by a SpongeBob video game: the yellow avenger (2006).

SpongeBob acquires Mermaid Man's powers when he wears his belt. Unfortunately, SpongeBob puts the Dirty Bubble into a washing machine, which causes him to split into countless dirty bubbles! SpongeBob has to stop villains such as Man Ray, the Sinister Slug, Jumbo Shrimp, Atomic Flounder, and the Dirty Bubble, using Mermaid Man's powers to save Bikini Bottom.

The construction recreates the final battle between SpongeBob and the Dirty Bubble. The set is made up of small buildings and the sea needle, the tallest building in Bikini Bottom.

The new face of the SpongeBob minifigure was drawn by me to capture the style of mermaid man. The set is also made up of a construction of the Dirty Bubble and 2 mini dirty bubbles

I think that LEGO should bring back the SpongeBob theme because there are many characters and settings that the fans wanted to see. The best way to bring back the SpongeBob theme is with a set full of superheroes and villains.

I would be grateful for every vote and comment :3

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