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Santa's Auto-Sledge


Santa's gonna be late! He can't be late, he has always been punctuate for centries, and so will this time. But since its super urgent business he is ready to take out one thing he's been working on during... well when it's not winter yet,the Auto-Sledge! Old fashioned way isn't working, therefore something modern comes along. Way faster then randeer pulling sledge, but raindeer has to be here, as always of course. With two colossal engines, a furnace(inside driver chamber) and even a radio wire!

My bad if the picture is a bit dark but I think it would do just fine, if you have any suggestions about this project you are always welcomed to comment. And since my LEGO piece isn't that much that I can choose whichever color I desire when building this model, the color might be a little messy. Door can be opend and the lid of the driveing chamber can be removed so you will be able to glimpse the inside (a driver seat, a furnace and a few garment). Thanks for supporting.

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