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Space Junk Launch Off

The set has a Space Junk Machine Car and Space Junk Launch Off, and it has a mini transformer that can transform into a mini mech, and a mini rocket ship. The Launch Off can detach the rocket ship from the launch pad. The Machine Car has sides that can flip out and a back that can flip back to get a better view of the inside. On both sides there are guys with some mini blasters. On top there is a mechanical spy bird that has a shooting mechanism, and it can be taken off. It comes with three bad guys and four good guys, including one space junk police.

I built it because I started with the spy bird and I thought it would go well with a machine car. I then added rails and finally decided to add the space junk launch off to the end of it to make it larger.

I believe this would make a great Lego set because the space junk machine car is kind of like a combo car that has an attached spy bird that is folded up, and the space junk launch off has a rocket that can separate from the launch pad. I also think the rails are nice and a smooth / fast use for transporting the space car.

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