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Micro-build Hogwarts Castle

Thank you for taking a look at my project!

While I have loved the whole Harry Potter line of Lego, I always felt that the Hogwarts castle itself deserved to be represented fully and not just as a playset. This is my attempt to show off all of Hogwarts including the surrounding areas.

You will note that along with the castle itself there are representations of the Quidditch pitch, the Hogwarts Express, Hagrid's hut, the greenhouses, the Forbidden Forest with Aragog, the Whomping Willow, the MerVillage, the Chamber of Secrets as well as scenes from Harry's first encounter with Voldemort in the Sorcerer's Stone.

I have added the best overall pictures I could of this project, but there are some little details that require even more pictures to do it justice, so please visit my Brickshelf account at

If you are as saddened as I am about the passing of Lego Harry Potter, then please help me bring this micro-build of Hogwarts Castle to reality as possibly one last Lego hurrah!

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