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Do you like sitting and chatting with friends around a table in some cafe or patisserie? Then you'll like this set.
It's a simple and pastel color design.
There are three parts: on the right side, there is a table outdoors; on the left side the kitchen is placed, full of cooking accessories; and there is above a terrace with a little table and plenty of plants.
The set is quite special because you design the place. Turning gates and walls you decide the best way to structure the building... Also arrange the furniture as you most like: cash machine, bar, tables, and chairs, which are kept in the walls when you're not using them.
There are enough chairs for nine Minifigures, but it only brings five. If you want, you can take the original Minifigures and create new ones with them!
I hope you like this set. If you do please support and tell others to support too.

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