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"Lost in Space" Chariot

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     This is the Chariot all-terrain vehicle from the 2018 Netflix Original Lost in Space. In this television series, the Robinson family and other survivors finds themselves marooned on an inhabitable planet far from their intended destination. After crash-landing their Jupiter 2 spacecraft, John and Maureen Robinson lead their three children, Will, Judy, and Penny, to safety. Several Chariots appear in the Lost in Space series, but the one I have built here, the Chariot from the Robinson's J2, is the most prevalent. Included with the main transport is a fuel tank which takes center stage in episode seven. In this episode, the survivors attempt to salvage fuel from a wrecked Jupiter ship using the Chariots and the fuel trailer. 

     My Lego Chariot retains many features from its on-screen counterpart. It has a fully-functioning winch on the front bumper with its numerous headlights. Just like in the television show, both sides of the Chariot have opening gull-wing doors. The rear of the Chariot has an active suspension achieved by rubber bands and Technic elements, while the front wheels are turnable side to side. It has been built as true to scale as possible and easily seats six Lego minifigures, just like the actual Chariot. The dash is filled with various gages and instrument elements, as well as a steering bar. Both the Chariot and its fuel trailer have roof racks filled with extra fuel and cargo, while the Chariot also has a storage compartmet behind the rear passengers. The trailer has a filling port and a ladder on the side. Other minor details are included throughout for accuracy of size and design.

     I hope you all enjoy my Chariot as much as I do! Your support is greatly appreciated! 


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