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A Little Farm

Hello, everyone!
  • I built this "little" farm (it actually has nearly 2500 peaces), because I love animals and I thought it would be great to have a LEGO-farm-set again!
  • The farm contains a house with Interior in the first floor (second floor is getting some, too), a small grain-field, two chicken-stalls + chicken, a piece of lawn for the two cows, three pigs in their pigsty and a dog. It also features a raised bed with watering can and lots of other hidden details. I'll probably add some minifigures, too.
  • I used lots of great building techniques which I can be pretty proud of and who knows, perhaps you can discover some of them on the picture?
  • Lots of chicken!!!
I would be extremely very extraordinarily exceedingly pleased if you would support my build and would show it to your friends!
Snaily Brick ๐ŸŒ

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