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Modular Living House


This is a very simple Modular house that any minifigure can live is as their home. It is complete with fully finished hard wood floors in all 4 rooms and 2 hallways. The 4 rooms include, a kitchen with appliances, cupboards, and cooking tools and cups (I could not put them IN the drawers and cupboards.) The next room on the first floor is a living room with a big flat screen T.V., four remote controllers, storage space, a big couch, a brown leather chair in the corner, a bookshelf with books, and best of all, surround sound. If you go back into the kitchen and turn around, you will find a door that leads to the storage closet, just for you to put anything in it. Then you will go up the stairs, introduced at the front, and go through the little hallway, the will be two doors on either side. on the left there is the bedroom. In the room, there is 1 master bed, 2 window, and 4 drawers with decorations as the dresser; there are clothes for the dresser too, they just are outside with the cups because again, I couldn't put them in the drawers. If you were to go left after the stairs, you would have ran into the bathroom. There is 1 small toilet, a walk in tub, a couple of windows, and a skink with drawers and cupboards above and below. Nothing real special. There is also a glass door in front if the stairs that leads out to the small balcony in the front. There is a small area to go up on the roof. With it there is a little hatch that you can lift up. There is nothing but a railing on the roof, but the creative mind can doo whatever they want to up there. That will conclude the tour of my Modular Living House.

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