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Lada 1200 (Vaz 2101)


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Lada is manufactured by a Russian company, AvtoVAZ. The first cars with technical support from Fiat, were sold under the Zhiguli brand. The Lada brand appeared in 1970. The name  'Lada'  means a type of small boat in Slavic language, the car's logo itself symbolize this as well. Lada was not only popular as a passenger car but also as a taxi, rally car, police car, civil defense vehicle in various country of Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean too.

My model is a dark red sedan car with interlocking front doors, trunk and hood. You can easily reach the interior by removing the roof. While "sitting in" it, let's have a look at the detailed dashboard, pedals, breaks and mirrors. If you walk around the car, you can check the engine compartment, the car lights and the chrome bumpers.

Lenght: 305 mm
Width:  115 mm
Height: 100 mm

The Lada brand has its 50th anniversary in 2020, so this is my way of celebrating this faboulous car. 😉

I hope You like the Lada and find it worth to support!

Thank You for checking in!

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