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Christmas Village


This is about the Christmas village that Santa Claus lives along with his wife and his 10 elves in the North Pole. Elves live in the houses whereas Santa Claus lives in the palace, that is also where the factory is, which produces presents. This is the place where the elves along with Santa are working most of their day in order to produce the presents in time and deliver them around the world using the traditional sleigh carried by four reindeers that can fly.

The Christmas village is a village surrounded by a wall, it contains 5 houses which have 2 beds each so that it can accommodate 2 elves (10 in total for the 5 houses). A fountain is situated in the middle of the 5 houses so that people can have fun. A giant Christmas tree is located at the middle of the village with a lot of presents including a toy train. On the left side of the village there is a wooden kiosk selling local products. A double wooden door is located at the right side of the village to give access to the outside. The palace is the main attraction of the village which is a 3-floor building. The first floor is the place where elves work in order to build toys, it is separated by a giant wooded double door, the left side is where the sleigh is stored (parking) a bit more to the right is a small farm which contains the reindeers that carry the  sleight. In the right side of the first floor is where the factory is located, this is the place where toys are built and next to it on the corner there is a second kiosk selling sweets, then next to it are turning stairs which connects to the second floor. First there is a big living room which contains Christmas presents along with a sofa, then next to it is a worm fireplace along with a giant dining table which can accommodate all 10 elves plus Santa Claus and Mrs Claus. On the last floor (also called Attic) is the room of Santa Claus which includes a bed, a table, a sofa and a fireplace as well.

 This was built because of me and my twin brother`s idea of having a happy fantasy village, this is why we implemented multiple (happy) colors into the design. The target group of this product is from young ages, every person loves Christmas, making this village would bring joy and happiness to the user.


-Each of the five houses have a roof which can rotate so that it gives an internal view of the house

-All doors can open and close

-The sleigh can be assembled with the reindeer and the lamps and can fit in the square of the village. The sleigh, reindeer, lamps of sleigh can fit inside the first floor of the palace as shown in the pictures.

 If you want to see more info and pictures about the SANTA HOUSE please watch this video :

The Christmas Village set contains a bit less than 3000 parts and was all designed and created by us and took a total time of around 1000 hours to build.


Thank you very much for your support :D!


Designers: Nikolaos Katsantonis, Dimitrios Katsantonis



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