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Lego Souvenirs: Istanbul Kebab Shop


I love to travel. This idea came up to my mind while I was unpacking my luggage. I saw the boring magnet that I bought and thought that what if Lego had specialized small Lego sets for major cities of the world and they were sold only in that city just like souvenirs. That would be awesome! We would not end up with magnets after every travel we did, but with an enjoyable Lego souvenir set!

So I built the first souvenir. It is a kebab shop in Istanbul, Turkey. This set can be sold in the Lego stores and at the airports of Istanbul. Istanbul is famous with it's historical sites, vibrant streets and variety of food choices. Among these food choices; of course the most famous is kebab. There are many little kebab shops in the city like the one I built.

Let's see the features of my Lego set:

- The kebab shop with a round and turning kebab meat outside the shop waiting to be cut by the kebab chef.

- A kebab chef with his long kebab knife.

- A visitor enjoying her kebab dish and drink.

- And of course, one of the symbols of the city.. A street cat! He is hanging out on the roof of the shop. 

I wish you love the idea and the set. Thank you!


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