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GTS Finnjet - Cruiseferry


In 1977, Finnlines released GTS Finnjet.

She was at the time, the worlds largest, longest and fastest cruiseferry, and the very first ship powered by gasturbine. She could do a maximum speed of 33.5 knots, and a journey from Helsinki in Finland, to Travemünde in Western Germany in only 22 hours.

Finnjet had a capacity of 325 cars, 1.781 passangers (all in cabins) and a crew of 178.

Finnjet was sold in 1987 to the finnish company Silja Line, wich operated the ship until 2005 on different routes from Finland to Estonia, Russia and Germany,

After several owners after 2005 with different plans for the ship, she was scrapped in India in 2007.


As this ship is a little legend in the ferryindustry, i wanted to make a model of her. Iam also a ferryaddict, so take the decision to build this ship was pretty simple.

This model of GTS Finnjet, is inspired by her look from the time at Silja Line. It contains 1309 bricks, and i paid attention to look on details from the orginal ship to make it look as close as the original as possible. Heres a photo of her on Wikimedia:

The bricks with the windows are older 3008p22, 3008px33 and 3008pb010 bricks. I really have a passion to combine new bricks with older ones.

With the ocean around it, i want to make the model more living as it travel on the sea, during full power as you can see on the smoke that comes out from the smokestacks.

I hope this model can make more inspiration how to use older and new bricks, and also get inspiration of building ships. It is fun to build it because of the details in this model.

I hope you enjoy this model, as much i do.

Physical facts:

Bricks: 1309

Widht: 19.2 centimeters

Length: 51.2 centimeters

Height: 12.2 centimeters


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