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Secret Bathroom - Toilet Paper Roll

Welcome to the secret Minifig bathroom, hidden inside a LEGO toilet paper roll.

My idea answers one of the most mysterious questions in the world of LEGO minifigures: Where do our little friends take a leak when so many of them don't have bathrooms in their houses? 

Well, the answer is actually pretty easy: They go to their AFOL's bathroom, where they have a secret restroom hidden inside a toilet paper roll!

I myself am a daily user of toilet paper, so you could probably consider toilet paper to be a passion of mine. As a parent of three young children (a two year old girl and newborn twin baby boys), wiping butts has become my favorite pastime right after playing with LEGO.

The build can also be used to prank your family members or guests into thinking they have enough toilet paper when using the bathroom, only to find out that it's not toilet paper, but something you really don't want to use for that purpose. Well, probably not the best idea... Only try this on your own risk, I won't take any responsibility in the outcome...

Silly jokes aside, to give a little background: The build was inspired by one set that probably won't come to mind immediately when you see the result... The Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck (76989), just because the head disc had roughly the same dimensions as a toilet paper roll. I've used and slightly altered the geometry from that design. I would also like to give a nod to my favorite MOC designer Jonas Kramm, who inspired the toilet design I used with a cute little bathroom MOC he created a couple of years ago.

I hope that you might get a little giggle out of my fun little project idea. I know that the chances of LEGO actually releasing such a dumb set are close to zero, but maybe someone at LEGO group is a toilet paper afficionado as well, just like us!

Cheers and keep wiping

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