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Lotus Pond

This is a lotus pond, as a 3D painting Art board. I find it very unique and beautiful, so let's jump into the details!

As you can see it has 3 types of lily pads.
One small dark green, a medium sized with both blue and yellowish flowers and without them.
Then these bigger ones that has pink and white flowers.
Then we have 3 types of Koi fishes (gold, silver and orange) coloured, you can also see the orange one having some fun with the water and swimming fast, and bubbles after...
Then we have some seaweed on the corners and around this art board, which gives some life to it.
For last, some bigger rocks, one small and a big. Both of them has loads of moss on them to make them look a bit tropical.
Let's see the water texture as well, its very calm at the same time as some fish action in this scene.

I believe this would be a great set for both kids and adults.
To experience the minimalistic nature and have a pleasing zen experience for the greatness of small things. Its both beautiful and epic at the same time!

To make this project i got inspired by LEGO Art sets and as well as other creators here on this website, everyone are truly talented! ;)

Created by: Cronibet
Picture quality: High + Piazza

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