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Gears' Bike Shop with Hideaway Door and Motor Cycle Sidecar

Troy Gears is a lover of bikes, and this is his bike shop. From the time he slides his front door open, its grease and gears. The shop is full of fun, including a hideaway door in front, built on a custom base. The sign is made to mimic the moving gears of a bike. The back wall swings open showing a full rack of tools, old Lego set plates, and random signs. The skylight roof has lights hanging from it and it also flips up to gain full access to the shop. There is a floor jack for bikes that is on a swivel plate and pivots up and down.  The jack also fits different bikes.  Inside and outside the shop there are extra bikes for sale as well as helmets and spare parts. There is an air pump in the back for filling up tires. This bike shop comes with custom bikes, two of which I have named "The Spike Bike" and "White Gold". Each bike is able to have the custom built sidecar attached. Included is a hot dog vendor and a paper delivery person who are regular customers of the shop. 
I really enjoyed putting this project together! I hope you like it and give it support. Thanks for checking out my idea! 

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