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Small Tractors


Country Livin'

Nothing shouts "farmer" more than a tractor - except maybe two tractors! 

My project includes two tractors, each with their own farmer minifigure. Both tractors have a hitch at the back which is set at the same height so that equipment could be hooked up to either tractor. 

The larger yellow tractor has a step on either side to get into the roomy cab with space for a minifigure. Headlights on the front, headlights on the roof, tail lights, hazard flashers - with so many lights, nothing can stop your farming! Uh oh, the check engine light came on. Better flip the hood up and take a look.

The smaller red tractor may not look like much, but it has the essentails. A steering wheel, smokestack, and all the interior mechanisms which are accessable from the outside. Who needs hoods?

The piece count is around 200, (50 for the red tractor and 150 for the yellow). 

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