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Doctor Strange and the Sanctum Sanctorum.


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Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme!

He is the Earth’s protector against the most dire of mystical threats. He is one of the Marvel’s true heavy hitters, on the scene when everything is at its worst. Here we present him with the truly iconic Sanctum Sanctorum, one of the most identifiable, and consistent (externally anyway) buildings in the history of comics.

The Sanctum serves as the residence of Doctor Strange and the base of the Defenders. But narratively it has played critical roles throughout the history of Marvel Comics. Its nigh impenetrable barriers and concealing illusions have made the Sanctum the stronghold of the mightiest heroes when they have no other place to turn. The Sanctum is known for its constantly changing interior which suits Lego just fine. We have designed our Sanctum Sanctorum on the LEGO Modular building style so it can be inserted seamlessly into your existing modular city.

  • The first floor houses the library and the Concordance Engine (  
  • The second floor is a living space, intended for the comfort of visiting heroes.
  • The third floor is Doctor Strange’s Study.

This project will have regular updates presenting a variety of proposed characters to include.

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This is a collaborative project from DarthKy and Glenbricker.

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