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Star Wars Microscenes - The Wampa Cave


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Star Wars Microscenes - The Wampa Cave :  Inspired by the very successful line of LEGO Star Wars microfighters, why not expand this concept to iconic scenes from the classic films !  Scaled down versions of instantly recognizable moments of the Star Wars saga would make for fun display pieces in any collection !

While exploring the ice world of Hoth, Luke Skywalker is captured by a Wampa creature and kept prisoner, trying to avoid becoming lunch !  His discarded lightsaber is out of reach in the snow... If only he could use the Force, maybe he could grab it and get free.

A variety on white, trans clear and blue LEGO pieces were used to create the illusion of snow and ice. There is a clip to hold the lightsaber hilt in place, and some bones from previous unlucky dinner guests are left behind ! Look closely, you may also see a Tauntun tusk in there ! Luke can hold in place upside down, recreating the scene form Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. The microscene can be added to existing LEGO sets to create a giant Hoth world.

Each microscene would come with one LEGO minifigure and accessories.

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