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The Settlers of CATAN: The Brick-Built Board Game


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Starting out with almost nothing, gathering materials, and building settlements is all part of the great game of CATAN. Building your own towns and cities is a lot of fun, so why not play in the form of LEGO bricks? Build your very own CATAN board and biomes.

Explore the inside of the mountain and mine for ore.

Visit the forests where trees are chopped down and made into lumber.

Stop by the fields and see the sheep peacefully grazing.

Watch the masons molding the bricks.

Help the farmers harvest their wheat.

Watch out for the sneaky robber in the desert!

There are also different resource pieces along with roads, settlements, and cities!

There are also ports to trade at.

Construct your own settlements in The Settlers of CATAN!

I wanted to create this board game because I thought it would make a great idea for a set. I wanted to make sure there was an abundance of detail so I built the mountain with an mine inside, the sheep with their fluffy wool, and the forest with its lumber yard. Everything you need to build prosperous settlements is right here! Please support to build this up to ten thousand and make it real!

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