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UCS Strike of the Ice Dragon


Once again, a creature arises from the depths of legend and imagination. A creature of the sky who's roar chills the spine of every being, and who's breath seals their future in a blanket of ice.

In this set, we have a dragon that breathes ice from its lungs, encasing anything in its path. In this case, we have four travellers arround a campt fire. One traveller is throwing a spear at the creature, only for the spear to be frozen in the air. Two travellers, one male, the other female, are standing by the remnants of the fire, helpless. Finally, the last traveller is making a run for it... only to be frozen in his tracks.

What a chilling scene. Quite the excitement. I hope you like this set, and support it and the others I have made. Thank you.


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