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The Walking Bridge

The Idea
Bridges and viaducts are among the most elegant structures man has ever designed. For some time I have felt the desire to design a set of this type, exciting to build, but at the same time beautiful to display and show. At first, I wanted to reproduce the structure of a famous bridge, but then I decided to design a set with the use of my experience on the subject and above all of my imagination.

The Project
The final idea led to a modern walking bridge, located in a bicycle path in the middle of nature. The span structure is made up of a succession of elements, connected to each other through hinged connections. The span is in turn hung from the support pillars by means of tie rods, as happens in the reality of structures of this type. The length of each element in succession, of each tie rod and their rotation in space have been designed in order to obtain the characteristic curved profile of the bridge.
Included in the set are six minifigures that help make the landscape even more realistic.

- 2997 pieces.
- 6 minifigures.
- Length 116 cm.
- Width 28 cm.
- Height 34 cm.

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