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Human-Scaled School Set

The idea
My project is specifically dedicated to our young children attending the primary schools.
When I was looking at my boy studying math during his first year of school I thought: “It would be vey nice if he could study while having fun…”.

The project
At first glance it might seem like a simple colored box, but once opened it hides a complete, human-sized school set that can be used by our children for their lessons and for their math homework. I think the set could also be brought to school if the teachers agree!

The box is composed by two volumes, divided by a central septum.
The lower part includes a complete set of regoli, where the pieces of the regoli have each one their proper color (1 is white, 2 is red…).
In the upper volume, fixed to the central septum, you can find transparent ruler and goniometer, and the abacus.
The ruler includes transparent stickers for the indication of the millimeters (or inches) and it can be composed with the goniometer parts in different ways, to accomodate the different situations that the lessons require (a long ruler, a circle or semi-circle…).
The abacus is made with the red color for the ten and the blue for the unit.

I made the base of the lower volume of the box colored with the colors of the bricks’ regoli, so it’s very simple to find the position of each of them and store it. They are stored on tiles, not fixed, but once you put the central septum in its position, the regoli are blocked and they cannot move from their positions.
On the central septum I used tiles and bricks so it’s very simple to fix them after they are used.

I think it could be a very useful and funny Lego set…I imagine each student bringing its own set to school…they may use it during the lesson and, during the playtime, they may have fun playing with the Lego bricks.

The box could be made in different colors and the decoration on the top could be personalized…so it could be possible to bring each day a different school set! The child may personalize it with his/her name or surname initial, in order to make it recognizable among the boxes of the classmates.

I used 340 pieces totally. 

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