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Tales From the Pier

A seaside pier to sightsee the sea… or is there more than meets the eye? Every set has tales to tell and this is no exception.

Tales from the Pier

The Grand opening day of “The New! New Pier” and the Mayor is ready for his close up. Though that doesn’t explain why he is looking so nervous…
At least the dependable Milo Tram is manning the ticket booth again, it feels like he’s been working at a pier here forever!

The Mayor’s office is seemingly unlocked, and is that some sort of insurance document in the safe? Who is in that photograph with the him? And that looks an awful lot like Milo in that old picture on the wall outside…

Comedy Jo is doing a Live stand up gig, though with somewhat mixed results. Ted seems to be enjoying it though, and whilst Max has found the helter-skelter he looks a bit shocked at the view from the top. Or maybe it’s not the slide he’s worried about...

He can’t have a go on the tea-cups ride instead though, as it looks like whoever’s meant to be manning that is on their tea break. Also is that Constable Clive who looks like he's tired himself out? Obviously working too hard.

The old lounge singer stares from the tip of the pier looking out to the endless sea. A tail flickers above the surface underneath the pier, a clam with a red pearl hidden beneath the boardwalk. What other tales does this pier still have left to tell…?

The Idea

I’ve always loved Lego sets that as you build them, tell a story that reveals itself brick by brick, and once they are displayed keep telling stories as you interact with the final model. My idea was to create something which expanded that feeling as much as possible, and where better a setting than the nostalgic and quaint, quintessential seaside Pier?!

This model can act as a display piece next to other gifts and trinkets from seaside visits gone by, or be just as at home next to other Lego sets which have their own tales to tell.

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