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Audi R8


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Why shouldn't Lego mini figures be able to drive the best cars in the world? I have seen many large scale highly detailed vehicles, but usually they are too big for Lego minifigures -- this leaves them feeling dismayed. The Audi R8 shown here should cheer them up. I have put as much detail as possible while maintaining structural integrity and proper mini figure scale.


  • 150 pieces
  • working doors, and a real steering wheel.

Vote in the comments on your two favorite colors.

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Note: The iconic gas cap on the passenger side could easily be accomplished by a silver sticker. How did you make that logo? It's magic. (LDD lets you put binoculars right next to each other.) The actual set would need to either have a sticker, a custom part, or just a silvery piece where the logos are. 

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