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The Black Lord's Tower

:: The backstory ::
The Black Falcons Lord's home out in the country side. Well protected by two Falcon soldiers, the Lord has it's place to reflect away from the rush of his castle, and spend time developing his poetry.

:: The features ::
The main feature of this simple build is the fact that it can be opened at the back. That makes for high playability but also helps make the build look bigger, or adopt different shapes as can be seen in the pictures.

The custom made furniture and decorations serve playability purposes. The Black Lord can be used in his poet role, but it can also be transformed into a black armored knight using elements that are on the build itself as decorations, such as the plate armor and helm, white plume, shield and longsword.

:: The minifigs ::
The two falcon soldiers, bowman and halberdier, are the guards for the tower. The Black Lord minifig is the focal point of the whole build, and as has been said before it can be used either in poet mode or knight mode.

:: The build ::
This is my take on an outpost tower with a vintage approach to it but with modern elements to it. It would make a nice looking display piece for old castle era fans while still being a simple and highly playable set. The Black Falcons faction was chosen for the nostalgia feel.

This is a remake of my first submission, the Black Lord's Keep. I redesigned structure to make it more stable and optimize the pieces used so that everyone could build it without spending a lot in vintage pieces. You can check the original one in my profile.

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