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Octan gasstation


Here's my Octan Gasstation. My city needed a bigger Gasstation and a little shop to go with it.

Up to 6 cars at a time can take on gas. There is High octan, Low octan and Diesel to choose from.

The shop, which is air conditioned, provides with coffee, tea and all kinds of cooled drinks. There is a newsstand for the minifigs to pick from all kinds of papers and magazines. Also a small selection of tools is on hand. Outside there is a little picknick area where the minifigs can enjoy their lunch.

Since there aren't a lot of publicrestrooms i added it aswell. One for the ladies and one for the gents. The men can take there pick, sit down of stand-up.

While visiting the shop or the restroom the minifigs can park their car in one of the parkingspaces.

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