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Modular Mini Skyscraper


Here is my modular mini skyscraper that can easily be added to and customised by adding floors, I propose that a layout like pictured could be sold and extra floors could potentially be sold separately. There would be many possible combinations and would allow people add to over time.  The skyscraper also boasts a hinged corner that opens to give full access to the inside, demonstrated on the images. The mini skyscraper is 2851 pieces.

There are 3 sections to the building, a ground floor, a second floor and a rooftop. Each section is packed with detail as you will see and here are some of the details:

Ground Floor

Reception desk with computer, escalator, corner sofa with large glass coffee table plus 2 more seating areas.

Second Floor

Coffee shop, cinema, escalator and pool table. All with mini figures and details.


Swimming pool and seating area, all with stunning decking, mini figures and corner lights.

The building is done in a modern black and glass design with different coloured interiors per floor. It is 34 x 34 around the base so fits perfectly on a 48x48 board with room for a pavement all the way around. A great addition to any Lego City.


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