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Hammamet Railway Station, Tunisia

Hammamet, Tunisia [LDD]
Gare de Hammemet   محطة سكة حديد الحمامات
This is a model of the railway station in Hammamet, Tunisia, in northern Africa. The model is built to comply with the City Road Plate with Slope Curved 5 x 8 x 2/3, all of which are adapted in color to the environment surrounding the station. There isn't an actual platform at the station.

Of particular features is the working roller gate into the warehouse. The station is furnished with a waiting-room with ticket booth and office on the ground floor and also a staircase to the first floor. On the first floor is the stationmaster’s apartment with bedroom, kitchen with all modern equipment and a living room with armchair, newspapers, open able cabinets and a flat-screen TV on the wall. The station superintendent has a small dog.

A special detail is the round window in the gable which is constructed using SNOT technique.
The model is 70 elements long and 16 wide, in addition to the City Road Plate of 8 studs in width, as well as rails, also has 8 studs plus spacer. The roof can be removed so there is access to the first floor. And the first floor can also be taken off, so there is access to the ground floor.

All new stickers/tampon prints are drawn in Microsoft PowerPoint, and they are adapted to LDD's standard size.

The model consists of 1493 pieces and there are 524 construction steps.

Remark: The Slope Curved 5 x 8 x 2/3 (15625) is to be replaced by the new Slope Curved 5 x 8 x 2/3 Without Studs (6325420 | 71771).

Gare de Hammamet dates from the French era in Tunis and there are several similar stations in Tunisia, but also in Algeria and in the south of France.

Hammamet is located about 65 km south of Tunis city and there are about 90 km from Hammamet to Sousse, Tunisia.

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