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The Spooky Gang's Hideout

Hi there!

I'd like to present to you : The spooky gang's hideout.

Although they act like villains and look the part, they're just a nuisance.
Loitering on parkings, skating in public places, being noisy and acting like teenagers!
Their hideout is where they are safe to hang around as friends planning their next "evil" prank.

The set features:
  • A skating ghost.
  • A zombie gladiator on a bicycle.
  • A motorcycle mummy.
  • The Grimm reaper with a pickup-truck.
  • An abandoned warehouse.

The skating ghost:
He's a skater, always popping kick-flips, heel-flips and grinding on all the surfaces you can imagine.
Always loud when he succeeds. If he's not terrorizing the streets, he can be spotted haunting throughout the city.

The zombie gladiator:
Always making trouble, starting fights and running away on his bike.
Not only that, he's notorious for driving on the sidewalks!
a real bad sport!

The motorcycle mummy:
Always on the throttle even down town, showing off.
You can hear him coming from miles upon miles away driving on his rear wheel
acting all though -until he slips up and falls (again)-

The Grimm reaper with his pick-up:
He's the last, yet certainly not the least in this list.
He's the leader of the gang, always burning out those rubbers.
When you see his truck, you know the other "gang" members are near.

This set contains 830 bricks.
My main reason for this build is the lack of "funny" villains. with this quartet of nuisance's
you'll surely have a great story-based play time!

Thank you for your time.

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