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Lord of the Rings Advent Calendar


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Greetings, LEGO fans!

 The LEGO advent calendar has become a time-honored holiday tradition for many a child or child at heart, being released in such themes as City, Castle, and Star Wars.

 This Christmas season, I think it’s time we bring some of that holiday cheer to Middle Earth with an official Lord of the Rings Advent Calendar. Featuring 24 days of microbuilds, minifigs, and more, this set is sure to bring a smile to any Tolkien fan’s face.

 My advent calendar includes microscale models of famous Middle Earth locations such as Helm’s Deep, the Tower of Barad-dûr, and Rivendell. It also comes with two weapons racks and seven minifigures, including two exclusives: Santa Gandalf and Old Bilbo. I know that many LotR fans have been clamoring for an Old Bilbo figure, but since it’s unlikely that LEGO will release a Bilbo’s Birthday set, this calendar may be the only way we’ll be able to get him. An advent calendar would also be a great way to wrap up the Lord of the Rings theme.

 This set contains a total of 262 pieces (including the minifigures), which is about average for an advent calendar, so it fits right in with the other advent calendars on the market.

 With your help, we can turn this project from a dream into a reality. Please support the Lord of the Rings Advent Calendar today!


You can view individual pictures of the models on Flickr by clicking the links below.

Full Album

Day 1- Argonath

Day 2- Legolas

Day 3- Black Gate 

This model is able to split into two separate halves… just like the official set!

Day 4- Mount Doom

Day 5- Helm’s Deep

Day 6- Eomer

Day 7- Wine Barrel

Day 8- Bag End

Day 9- Rohan Armory

Includes a bow and arrow for Legolas and a spear and shield for Eomer

Day 10- Rivendell

Day 11- Uruk-Hai

Day 12- Table w/ Food

Day 13- Ruins of Osgiliath

Day 14- Fell Beast

Day 15- Nazgûl

Day 16- Mordor Armory

Includes a halberd for the Uruk-Hai and a longsword for the Nazgûl

Day 17- Dead Marshes

Day 18- Gollum

Day 19- Orthanc

Day 20- Barad-dûr

Day 21- Party Tree

Day 22- Old Bilbo

Day 23- Present

Can be opened to reveal the One Ring

Day 24- Santa Gandalf

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