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Forest Cabin


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Oh the calm of living out in nature. This is a model of a forest cabin. There are some trees, many small plants, and of course the cabin. Next to the cabin there is an old stump and an axe. There are stepping stones leading from the porch to the yard and a little blue bird perched on a log. Behind the house is a rat scavenging for food.

The interior consists of a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. There is a coat hanger next to the door and wooden flooring in the entire cabin except the kitchen. In the kitchen is a small oven and a counter with a sink and faucet. The bedroom includes a simple bed, a table with a lamp, and a hunting rifle on the wall. In the living room is a fireplace with a mantle, a cozy chair, and a rug. There is also an attic with another bedroom. This model consists of 2803 pieces.

In my opinion, the reason this should a Lego set is because it is a simple model with many uses. Living in nature is also a great way to learn. If you want you can support this build and help it reach ten thousand.

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