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Unfallen, Endless Space 2

"An ancient race who have lived simple, harmonious lives for millennia, the Unfallen seek peace with the other races of the galaxy."

The Unfallen are one of my favourite races in Endless Space 2. I really like their slow, pacifist playstyle and their beatiful and yet very mistical culture and aesthetic. I also like trees and autumn, and I find their scottish accent quite funny but point on.
This is a display model which is fairly big, it contains 695 parts. The model has a lot of moveable parts, and it's based on the art of the faction leader of the Unfallen and some of their heroes in the game, so that the model is not just a static tree with no moveable parts whatsoever.
Altough the Unfallen are kind of a niche faction and are not known to many people outside of the fanbase of the Endless games, I still believe that many would like it.

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