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Full size truck (4 door) with camper and snow plow

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This is a model of a full size pickup with a camper and snow plow attachments. It has a seating capacity of four minifigures. Details on the model include step bars, windshield wipers, air horn, engine, mirrors, and a working tailgate and doors. The cab interior features front and rear bench seats, steering wheel, and shift lever. It could be modified to be either right or left hand drive.

Here's a pic of the engine compartment and the cab interior:

The camper has bunkbeds, counter space, table, fridge, drawers, an oven/stove, and shelves. The width of the camper is 8 studs and it is 20 studs long.

The snowplow is a V-angle plow with headlights of its own for plowing in the dark.

The entire model with the camper, snowplow, and truck uses 368 bricks.

Thanks for looking!

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