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LEGO: Marvel Superheroes: Scott Lang's Apartment


If you've ever wanted an apartment in LEGO, this is what you're looking for! This display piece features 4 minifigs, 315 bricks and a whole lot of iconicity, this is the apartment that Scott Lang was sitting in when he had his trial as Ant-Man and accepted the job to steal the Ant-Man suit. The set features Luis, Kurt, Dave and of course, Scott!

I built this set because I think a lot of people, including myself, would enjoy having a Scott Lang Apartment. Having a Kurt, Luis and Dave, along with a clothed Scott Lang (not in the Ant-Man suit) would be very useful for recreations or just for people that enjoyed the movie. This would also be great for people that just want an apartment, or a small house (32x32 baseplate) would be very good for people that have younger children playing with their set. I hope you will consider supporting this idea, have a good day :) .

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