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Alpha-1 SH battle mech: Project Alpha Centauri


May I introduce you to my latest project. This is alpha-1 SH Battle mech, and let me tell you it is packed with features including customization, mix-and-match abilities, and a detachable spaceship! ( I like detachable spaceships) 

Lego Ideas does not have enough mechs, though it has some pretty cool ones it needs more, much more! I’m hopeful that this project will show people that mechs are awesome, and that people should post more mechs! Ok, enough talk about what I hope, let’s get to the good stuff! 

Now I will tell you what this thing can do! Notice I included a rocket launcher that swivels, and has a detachable antenna/range-finder, because just a mech isn’t good enough it needed more. This rocket launcher can attach to the top of the mech, and just look plain cool! This mech is able to fit one mini figure, one blaster and a control panel! 

If you have any more questions I’m happy to answer them. Hope you like my project!

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