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Modern Travelling Coach

Dear Lego fans,
Thank you for checking out this idea.
I am proud to show you my project of a modern travelling coach.
To make this project, I tried to have a good balance of those aspects:
1) realism;
2) playability;
3) possible upgrade with Lego Power Functions set.

-  Description

For the realization of this model, I was inspired by different models of actual modern coach.
Considering the size of the model, it can be said that it is in scale 1:21.
Looking for the greatest possible realism, they were reproduced:
- Reclining seats with hidden table;
- toilet;
- engine;
- upper storage compartments;
- baggage compartements;

-    Playability

This Lego set offers many gaming possibilities, linked to total capacity
of interaction that the model offers:
-All the compartments (baggage and engine) can be opened;
-The toilet can be opened;
-The roof can be opened;
-The front wheels can actually turn through a mechanism placed on the roof.
The scenario imagined by me, provides this coach as a shuttle between a city and its airport.
The characters included, are of various kinds to allow endless possibilities to create stories.

-       Upgrade       -

The project was also designed to allow the use of Lego Power Functions set and the radio control kit.
The Lego Power Functions set can be easly placed in, in this way:
1) The battery pack replaces the engine;
2) Two motors can be easily placed in the coach frame to:
    - One motor to turn the front wheels;
    - One motor to make movement by rear wheels.
3) The receivers are positioned on the roof.
This model offers really countless gaming possibilities and great fun.
Thank you for taking your time to view my project.
If you like this idea, support it and turn it into reality.

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