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Treasure Planet: The R.L.S. Legacy Ship

Hi everyone,

I am back again with my 3rd creation and submission to the lego ideas! This time I did something else rather than a building. I have tried to replicate the spaceship from Disney’s movie Treasure planet. My absolute favorite Disney movie growing up and still is to this day. I did choose between this one and Captain Flint’s ship, but this one is more iconic and almost the whole movie plays out on this ship. So here it is, the R.L.S. Legacy containing 2998 pieces ready to take you on an amazing adventure!

I really belive this set would make an awsome ideas set based on the amazing story the movie tells. With Jim and Silver, Jim growing up without a dad and finding that father figure along the way in Silver and him chosing Jim in the end over the gold. That the treasure wasn’t all the gold they found in the end, but the the memories and friends they made along the way. And I think this ship represnts that from the movie the best sinse this where the journey takes place.

I had a lot of struggles with this ship. It really was a hassle to piece everything together and try to make it work structurally but at the same time keeping proportions and adding in all the features. The most time consuming part of the build was the ship's hull. Since it is a big continuous slope from the front to the back and at the same time from the sides down. And on top of that there is an openable hangar underneath. You get the jis, it wasn’t going to work to squeeze everything in there and keep it to under 3000 pieces. I therefore opted out the hangar and made a part of the ship flat at the bottom. Also really hard to create the golden stripes going along the sides too. 
One change I would be up for is the glass panels in the captain's quarters. They could be replaced by bigger windows and have the inner frame/ lining printed onto the glass piece instead to make it look more like the movie’s. I worked with what I had in the end.

Note about chrome gold: I have currently made all the golden pieces in chrome gold, because that is closer to the movie’s depiction of the ship. If it would come down to rejecting this set because of it being too much chrome, I would like to state that it is totally fine with me to replace it with a pearl gold color instead. And maybe just keep some details in the chrome gold, like the 4x4 half sphere piece on top. 

The interior I settled for in the end was the kitchen area. I think this works well because they are down there in quite a few scenes in the movie. It did fit very well in the ship when I made the benches a little shorter. I like the detailing I squeezed in there, especially the tools and how close to the movie the cooking stove looks. Can’t forget the little barrel with the plums too. 
The other interior is the captain's quarters. I like it quite a lot, would probably need a sticker or two in there as well. I did create the cabinet and managed to fit an orb piece in there that will represent the map they have. Preferably a printed piece. 

I did however run into an issue after some time, the fact that I had missed that I am not allowed to create custom cloth pieces in my proposal. I thought it was only bricks this rule applied to. So, my submission will have to be without the sails. However, I really think this would need the sails (IF) it was to go into production. I highly doubt as well that Lego will select it for production without adding the sails to it. So for my submission, I can’t add any sails sadly. I do however like the looks of it already after adding all the ropes to the ship masts. 
I have currently made it so there are spots to attach potential sails. They use the same technique as the Pirates of the Caribbean ships did. They would also have 3 sails per mast, all attachment knobs are placed so that all sails can be the same size. There would only need to be 2 different long ones in the back and one more tiny one in the front. 
The main sails would have 4 attachment points, 1 on each side, 1 on the top and 1 in the bottom middle that would go in the bars sticking out. I have made this illustration to show how I designed the knobs on the masts. This is just to show that I placed the knobs to be accurate to where the sails attach in the movie. 
They are NOT a part of my proposal hence the image is here in the text only, not the official 15 images. This is just to show why the knobs are where they are currently so they make more sense. Sail or no sail, they are placed accurately to the movie and this is just to help show that they are and how I thought going about the placement of these knobs:

I have also tried to think of structure and make it hold. On the back where the black engine parts are (the big wheel parts) are reinforced with technic axles to help support the big back part. I also have an image showing the inside of the hull, that it is reinforced and should withhold pressure from the sides, like if you lift the ship up. It has a very strong and reinforced spine going all through the hull and up on the sides on some points. There is an image showing this better where I have marked all the inside support parts blue.

The rounded part of the captains quarters with the windows part is also attached on multiple studs along the side. So they should not be able to bend or flex, but should stay in place. The pieces that can be taken off to show interior are attached by just a few studs for easy removal, like in other lego sets. 

The ship’s masts have a technic axle going through it at each start of a new pillar piece. This way, they should stay up and not break off. I have made it so a technic axle goes through all the way at each platform section, really making it stable. The side ridges are also attached to help stabilize the masts even further.

I am by far no expert at minifigure designs and this is my first ever attempt at it as well. I did however feel like the figures would be very very important for this set so I made some custom prints on what I would imagine them looking like. Somewhat atleast. 
I also would like Morph to be a figure, but sinse he is just a little ”blob” I think he would need to be a new one piece little creature. I can’t propose it in the set so I will just state it here that I would like that if it ever came so far as to go into production.

Captain Amelia: I think I captured her spirit and impression quite well. She really looks as smug and energetic as in the movie. Very pleased with her looks, using the dual molded arms and legs.

Mr. Arrow: He turned out rather well I think. His face and his uniform is very accurate to the movie. Looks like a tuffer guy you wouldn’t say no to.

Scroop: Probably my least favorite since he is such a weird creature. I think he would really need a new molded head or a mouth piece that goes around the neck, like darth vaders 2 part helmet, that would extend out his mouth and the head have the eye print. 

John silver: He turned out okay. I didn’t do too much detailing on the mechanical parts, mainly wanted to show what parts should show where. His mechanical hand is also a bit of a struggle to get right. The rest of the body I’m pleased with, would also need a little work on his face.

Jim hawkins: He turned out well too. I really like his torso print and his smug smile. Would need an alternate face where he is more in his ”emotionless teenager” mood I think.

Dr Delbert: Very pleased with him too. He looks the right amount of skeptical and curious at the same time. Could use an alternate face where he is scared, like with the black hole scene.

Disclaimer: I am not allowed to make new pieces, hence the figures are only made from currently existing pieces. Because a lot of the characters in the movie are ”Alien creatures” I would hope that some of the figures would get custom head molds or so.

Thank you so much for reading, looking and maybe even supporting!
untill we hopefully meet again,
best regards,

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