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The Mars Project


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TFOL Brick_Boss has created an epic masterpiece. 

Imagine the day when astronauts land on Mars. That will happen many years from now, but what if you could somehow see it sooner? Well, now you can! 

This set includes 676 total parts (two of which are exclusive) and includes the following:

A realistic Martian base/building, small rover, antennae/drill (bends into one or the other), small garden, solar panels, two astronauts, a compartment for holding samples (rocks), easy-detachable roof (for easier play), and a set of doors that protects the precious oxygen within the dome from escaping out into the Martian air. 

Inside the building, we find some interesting gadgets! Complete with computers (for locating the occasional dust storm, sending or receiving communication, etc.), a fridge that protects a carton of milk (the only milk on Mars), a smaller swing-down fridge, a laboratory for conducting various experiments, numerous cabinets and drawers for holding the supplies the astronauts may need, three beds (underneath of which there is held some food), and a swivel chair (I saved the best for last!). 

Other interesting factors:

The rover can fit inside the dome if there happens to be a bad dust storm, the solar panels can move up and down, a fire extinguisher is located in between the double doors, and finally, a ladder is provided on the side of the building so that an astronaut can get to the roof to either take care of the garden or fix the solar panels. 

This project has taken me way too long, but I think it eventually paid off at the end. I want to thank Bricklink (Studio in particular) and my family for clickn' with me. 

I ask that you support this project, and if you already have, I thank you! You have contributed toward colonizing Mars!

If you have any questions post them below and I will try and respond to them as soon as I can.

- Brick_Boss


That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.

-Neil Armstrong



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