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Mister Rogers Neighborhood House


Add-ons and Extra Photos

  After I uploaded the set, I noticed a few things to point out and things I wanted to fix, so I put it aside and now it's September!  P.S. Sorry about the desert backround in the photos; I didn't realize.  So here we go:

I didn't have a good picture of Corny's Factory, so I took a better one.  I made it as small as possible for minifig size, so you can compare it.

I added flat tiles on the porch design to the side and to the top of Daniel's Clock.

Picture Picture opens to reveal an empty space. (It was accidental.)

Mister Roger's closet wasn't opened fully, so it was hard to see the extra sweaters.

  So that's that.  If you supported, thank you so much- it took a long time to make and it was hard to make everything to look as it was on the real show.  This is my first big LDD-made LEGO Ideas set, so it's special to me.  I hope this update broadens your vision of the set.  Support and follow this set if you like it.  Thank you!!

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