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Murder on the Orient Express


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I'm introducing my new Lego IDEAS project based of the cinema movie (2017) of the most famous thriller from Aghata Christie: 

Murder on the Orient Express

The product idea consists of:
- The famous Orient Express based of the movie from 2017, fully detailed and with the whole interior
- 4 exclusive custom designed Minifigures: 
  • The Detective: Hercule Poirot
  • The Gangster: Mr. Ratchett / Cassetti
  • The Governess: Mary Debenham
  • The Owner: M. Bouc
         (I decided to design these 4 Minifigures only, because I think these are the most important ones
          and the best to play with. If you want a full occupied Express you can easly build your own
          members with their own storys. Let's get creative!)

- The Orient Express has the size of all other Lego trains that it fits the standard Lego rail system.
  You can include it in every City or other builds.
- The train is ready for Power Functions or Control + (Install the system you like more) to increase your
  play experience.
- Remove roofs, walls and open doors to discover new areas in the whole Express to play there.
- Play the scenes from the movie or think up about new incidents on the Orient Express. Who knows
  what can happen during a ride on this train.
- Find out who's the murder with the famous and best detective Hercule Poirot.
- Not interested in playing? No problem. You can display the Orient Express perfectly because of the
  accurate details and the colossal look of it.
  --> It would be a set for everybody!

Why and how did I designed It?
I saw the movie right after it came out and I was very excited of it. Also I'm a fan of this type of trains, of the majestic look and the colossal look of the steam locomotive. I think the style of the trailer and the posters, the glowing letterings are brilliant and looking mysterious, it fits perfect. That's why I choosed this thumbnail which is inspired by an epic poster of the movie. Also I love it to try detail accurately with Lego and this was perfect therefor. For me it was a new experience building the Orient Express because it is my first creation of a train.

To get under the limit of 3000 parts the Express have to come only with two cars, one sleeping car and the dining car which are the most important and would result a nice set too. But I've decided to present the Orient Express in full size like you can exactly see it in the movie. I hope that will be no problem!

I hope you enjoy my project and if so, feel free to support me :)
Thank you!

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