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Posable Bonsia Tree.

     Nobody likes it when a rejected plant dies... that's why this one doesn't! 
Not only is it an indestructible plant, but it is also customizable. Bend into shapes on instructions, or any shape you want. Comes with two different shades of leaves for tree. Instructions include a cherry blossom and a fir tree. You are not stuck to trees on instructions. You can build any tree you want. Challenge yourself to build your favorite trees. Use your own shade of leaves to produce specific types of Bonsais.

     Set includes 473 pieces. Pot has perfectly flat bottom for optimal levelness. Lego pot also perfectly resembles a clay one. Ball and cup joints make tree trunk very flexible to bend into any shape. short links allow for a very wide angle of rotation.There are seven links and four branches which give it an incredibly realistic and tall look. Trunk is connected to solid pot directly by ball and cup. Leave half inch top of pot empty or fill with 1x1 round Legos. This set allows for maximum customization and easiest build. Super simple to bend trunk or shape leaves.

                                                   Visibly see details by looking at photos.

                 <10,000 supporters can make this Bonsai tree a real set, so please support.>
I believe this would make an excellent addition to Lego Ideas. It would also make an excellent addition             to your desk at work/table at home. Impress co-workers/friends with the perfect Bonsai tree.

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