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Acoustic Swing Guitar and Its Stand


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Let me introduce you my swing guitar, based on a Gallato Unico model.

Gallato Unico guitar's body is quite thin for an acoustic guitars, but offers a very good resonance as well as a dynamic and well balanced sound. It is perfect for both rhythmic accompaniment and solo playing.
Another special feature of this guitar is its two soundholes: the first is comma-shaped under the strings, and the second is oval-shaped on the side of the body.

This Lego acoustic guitar is built with 1020 parts.
It is about 72cm (28'') high, for a width of 24cm (9.5'') and about 5cm (2'') thick. It weighs approximately 1.2kg.

Our story
The first guitar I saw as a kid was my father's folk guitar. He didn't play often, but I loved the instrument and the magical sound coming from it. So as soon as I was able to reach the strings, I started to play with it myself. It was way too big for me of course, and I didn't know how to play guitar neither, but this kind of details never stopped the dreams of any kid. Later on, I knew how to play guitar and I finally bought my own: the swing guitar I always dreamed about.

Few years later, my niece got a Lego set for Christmas and seeing her building it brought back sparkles in my eyes. I didn't play with Lego for years and I felt the urge to build again. So it didn't take me long to get some sets for myself, until I bought the Grand Piano 21323.
Piano is the second instrument I play, and building this Grand Piano was such a blast! When I finished it, I wanted to build an acoustic guitar like mine, so I started to check Lego website to find one big enough to meet my expectations, but it seems there wasn't such a set in the store. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I had a great model at home, so I started to design my own swing guitar with studio 2.0.

From design to reality
After months of 3D building, I started to build it with Lego parts I had at home (mostly coming from the Millenium Falcon 75192 set, explaining why my model is built in grey). It took me several tries and adjustements on the design before I got to this final model, and I have to say I’m really proud of it.

I also tried to design the stand in 3D before building it. My first idea for the stand was closer to my real tripod stand, but it wasn’t supporting the guitar’s weight. So I finally dropped my real stand model and 3D modeling to directly build a robust one mainly using Lego technic thick liftarms.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one looking for a classical, swing or folk Guitar in Lego store, and I hope this one will bring you as much joy as I had building it.

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